The 2017-18 SNOW Season will start November 15th!

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Winter Storm Totals


Our storm totals packages provide accurate maps of snow and ice accumulations across NY, NJ and PA (Depending on package purchased). That means no more delays between billing for and paying for snow and ice removal!





Steve has testified over 100 times since 1976, on behalf of both the plaintiff and defense and reads the ny times everyday just to read and clarify all available National Weather Service weather information. On the stand, he has offered opinions on weather conditions in vague and difficult situations, which most of the time results in favorable court decisions for his clients



Storm Alerts


With Ion Weather Storm Alerts, you can stay a few steps ahead of the weather. We offer you the I*ON Weather Storm Alert and Warning System. Consultation with a meteorologist is also offered to clarify any of the information given.





Certified Consulting Meteorologist Steve Pellettiere has been on the Radio since 1975. As the lead Ion Weather morning “weather caster” Steve’s professionally clear sound, is and has been a reassuring voice for “what the weather will be” for millions of listeners in the top markets of the northeastern United States.